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Volunteer in Central Asia in Childcare

EHN Nepal

Teach English in Nepal with a group of volunteers

Kathmandu, Nepal.
April 29 - May 29, 2018
Teach English, computers, and other subjects at a rural school in Nepal with a group of volunteers from all over the world!


Summer 2018: Join a group of volunteers headed to India to creatively teach an amazing class of young students!

Gauchar, India.
July 4 - July 14, 2018
Pyunli is a non-government organization based in Gauchar, India that aims to make meaningful changes in child education and women empowerment. Pyunli is inspired by the noble tradition of ‘service before self’. Pyunli began with just high spirits, but soon became a catalyst for change by helping local children gain quality education regardless of their economic or social backgrounds. Pyunli also focuses on community development, especially among women. By providing various skill development workshops among other resources, women are more empowered to be self-sustainable.
Making education reach to needy who can not make it possible because of high fee structure in other schools.

94% response rate
We are an NGO working to educate children, youth and women.

We are Non Governmental Organization working for the poverty alleviation, through making marginalized communities empowered, to avail equal societal benefits, with special focus on Gender.

96% response rate
LakAruna was formed in 2002 with the main objective of introducing computer technology to the people of this village as a means of acquiring education and knowledge to improve their ways of living.

SUNFO is a non-political,non-racial and non-sectarian voluntary not for profit organization based in Sri Lanka.

We are a democratic research organization working for democratic strengthen and development of society.

HANDS Pakistan is a not for Profit organization is one of the largest organization of the country served in Humanatarian sector and Community Develeopment.


Timergara, Pakistan, Central Asia.
we are working huumanitarily in pakistan since 2005.

Working in Health, Education and Emergency Response

we are working to provide free education, health and women development to poor people in Pakistan.

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