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Volunteer in Ecuador doing Animal Care work

The center receives wild animals caught by the police and the environment ministry as pets. We work on their rehabilitation to bring them back to the wild.

100% response rate , 60 hour(s) response time.
Merazonia is a dynamic rescue and rehabilitation centre for trafficked and abused Amazonian animals, located on 250 acres of rainforest, in Mera, Ecuador, South America.


Tupigachi, Ecuador, South America.
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COAGRO's goal is to support regional issues such as organic agriculture, biodiversity, environment, small animal breeding, training and technology transfer, rural micro-finance, and crafts in the region of Pedro Moncayo and Cayambe townships.

FEMM (Fundación Ecuatoriana para estudio de mamíferos marinos)

Volunteer in Marine Ecology!

Ballenita, Santa Elena, Ecuador, South America.
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We are a Ecuadorian non profit organization, we have been working on research and conservation for almost 30 years to benefit Marine mammals and marine-coastal protected areas

sacred sueños

vilcabamba, Ecuador, South America.
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We are an intentional community focussed on a solutions based lifestyle.

Latest Reviews

Heartfelt memories reviewed by Huriana Kereru
"In July I spent one month at the Valle Alto rescue centre in San Placido and without a doubt it was one of the most amazing and rewarding experiences in my life. Viviana and Frank work tirelessly and have dedicated their lives to providing a safe, natural environment for the protection, rehabilitation and eventual release of animals in their care.

Each day I was excited to wake up and connect into nature and of course be amongst all the animals with all their crazy quirks; cheeky parrots, banana stealing howler monkeys, colourful macaws, squawky parakeets, excitable spider monkeys and capuchins, adorable ocelots, Pepa the pig, fluffy owls and much more.

Work activities included cleaning the quarantine and food preparation areas, preparing food and feeding the animals (twice a day), cleaning and sweeping cages, clearing pathways, gathering food resources from the surrounding forest, repairing cages (when required), providing medical assistance (when required) and assistance when animals were released. While at the centre I was overjoyed to see the release of owls, an anteater, an amardillo, a sloth, a howler monkey and parrots.

Each week the centre gratefully received food donations from the ministry but extra food always needed to be purchased to feed the demands of a growing animal family especially when the police or the ministry brought rescued animals to Valle Alto and thankfully a local veterinarian was available to help any animals that needed medical attention.

If you want to volunteer here come with an open mind, an open heart and be prepared to work hard. The shower is cold, there is no wifi and gumboots are worth it. Take the time to get back to nature, take photographs, enjoy these gorgeous animals and have a laugh with Viviana and Frank. I loved my time here and hope to return someday.

Thank you Vivi and Frank for the memories"

 The best place I reviewed by Keko Paravić
I am Yerko from Chile, I am 28 years old and this year from January to March I was living in merazonia and I want to write for all those who are interested, to help them decide to attend this wonderful place, This place is simply Magico, it is a New way of living life and enjoy nature and animals, in the center a great job is done helping different types of animals to be able to insert them into their natural habitat, daily work becomes very entertaining and work outdoors Free is the best of everything, day to day helps the animals and you can feel like they thank you for all this effort, the place is magical and full of natural life, and best of all is that people and volunteers that you can Find in that place are the best people in the world with a huge heart and full of desire to help and contribute, it is definitely a place that will mark my life forever and surely I will return for more love and desire for help to this beautiful center, an unconditional love for merazonia and above all for my I feel like my family,

Soy Yerko de Chile, tengo 28 años y este año desde enero hasta marzo estuve viviendo en merazonia y les quiero escribir para todos aquellos que se vean interesado, poder ayudarlos a decidirse a asistir a este maravilloso lugar, Este lugar es simplemente Magico, es una nueva forma de vivir la vida y disfrutar de la naturaleza y de los animales, en el centro se realiza un gran trabajo ayudando a distintos tipos de animales para poder re insertarlos en su habitad natural, el trabajo diario se hace muy entretenido y trabajar al aire libre es lo mejor de todo, dia a dia ayudas a los animales y se puede sentir como ellos te agradecen todo este esfuerzo, el lugar es mágico y esta llena de vida natural, y lo mejor de todo es que la gente y voluntarios que puedas encontrar en ese lugar son las mejores personas del mundo con un corazón enorme y lleno de ganas de ayudar y contribuir, definitivamente es un lugar que marcara mi vida por siempre y de seguro volveré por mas amor y ganas de ayudar a este hermoso centro, un amor incondicional por merazonia y sobre todo para mi los siento como mi familia,

xxx Merazonia."
on 30/07/2017