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Volunteer in Europe with Animals

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit (CRRU)

Gardenstown, Banff, United Kingdom, Europe.
Accommodation Meals
75% response rate
Formed in 1997, the CRRU is a small non-profit research organisation in northeast Scotland dedicated to the welfare, conservation and protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises through scientific investigation, education, and the provision of a 24 hour rescue service for stranded animals.

Vivamar, Bottlenose Dolphin Research

Savudrija, Croatia, Europe.
Accommodation Meals
71% response rate
Vivamar, established in 2002, is a non for profit research organisation taking care for conservation of the last resident Bottlenose Dolphins in the NE Adriatic. A true Ambassador of dolphins to people. doing a good thing to preserve the whole Marine Ecosystem. Join us and help dolphins!

AIMM is non-for-profit organisation for marine studies

The Bottlenose Dolphin Research Institute (BDRI) is a marine science center for Field Research and Training in cetaceans (dolphins, whales and porpoises) ecology and behaviour.

Oceanomare Delphis Onlus

Rome, Italy, Europe.
100% response rate , 50 hour(s) response time.
Oceanomare Delphis Onlus (ODO) is a non-profit organization established to study and preserve cetaceans, and the ecosystems they inhabit, through knowledge, conservation and awareness actions.

Currently Not Seeking Volunteers
we are a non-profit organization mostly focused on the preservation of endangered species in the Balkan region

Currently Not Seeking Volunteers
NWA is specialized in asian wild elephant conservation and Human Elephant Conflict mitigation, working throughout Asia.

Currently Not Seeking Volunteers
The Orangutan Foundation is a UK registered charity working to conserve the threatened orangutan and its globally important habitat, the tropical forests of Borneo and Sumatra. Since its foundation in 1990, the Orangutan Foundation has developed a diverse range of programmes.

Latest Reviews

An Amazing Experience! reviewed by Casey Maxwell
"This past summer I had the opportunity to volunteer with the CRRU and what a marvelous and unforgettable experience it was! It completely exceeded any expectation that I had going in. It was actually a let down to go back to the "real" world after such an experience with the most wonderful and kind people.

The CRRU team is a dedicated and passionate group of professionals who truly care and value the work that they do and what you bring to the table as a volunteer. Not only do you get to be in a picture perfect location, in the North East of Scotland on the Moray Firth, but you get to experience it with volunteers from all of the world. I honestly don't think I've consistently laughed that hard each day for quite some time!

In addition to the laughter and fun, I can also say that I learned a tremendous amount about cetaceans, the necessity of conservation, driving and maintaining a boat and much, much more. The CRRU is an opportunity that I am grateful that I had the opportunity to do and couldn't recommend it more to others who are interested!"
2 days ago

A great place to volunteer! reviewed by Steph Adamczak
"I was lucky enough to volunteer with VIVAMar last summer and loved it so much that I'm coming back for their upcoming field season. If you are interested in marine mammal conservation or want to learn more about this topic I highly recommend volunteering here. Not only will you learn a lot about the important research taking place to help these dolphins, but you will have an incredible time working with Darja! She runs a wonderful program, and you really feel like a part of the team. The help is also really needed in order to help these dolphins that are facing threats due to nautical tourism and recreation. If you are looking to volunteer in a beautiful location doing meaningful work then VIVAMar would be a perfect fit!"