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Volunteer in Europe with Children and Local Communities

95% response rate
Formed in 1997, the CRRU is a small non-profit research organisation in northeast Scotland dedicated to the welfare, conservation and protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises through scientific investigation, education, and the provision of a 24 hour rescue service for stranded animals.

94% response rate
We are a family farm raising animals, growing fruits and vegetables. We also organize baby swimming classes and other sporting activities.


Jerusalem, Israel, Europe.
92% response rate
ALEH believes that every child, regardless of the severity of the physical or cognitive disability, has the right to benefit from the best available care in order to reach his or her fullest potential.

Currently Not Seeking Volunteers
We develope ecotourism around Lake Baikal and cultivate a socially-responsible society through the organization of volunteer and educational projects.

92% response rate
The Kibbutz Volunteer Program Center offers working and living on the Kibbutz while learning about the country.


Kamiennik Wielki, Poland, Europe.
We help disabled people and poor animals


Esbjerg, Denmark, Europe.
Our ultimate vision is to make clean water accessible to every person alive. We reward donating enterprises with systemized advertisement on social and conventional media through systemized media attention produced through extreme adventurous long distance voyages known as philanthropic pilgrimages.

we are a non-profit organization mostly focused on the preservation of endangered species in the Balkan region

We are organisation which try to support children and youth in their free time. We organise programmes and cources for children and young people.

100% response rate
We are nonprofit organization, developing running culture in Western Ukraine and making Sport for development activities

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