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Volunteer in Europe in Social Work

One Heart Christian Foundation

Summer 2018 - experience life in rural South Africa with a group from all over the world!

Cape Town, South Africa.
July 15 - August 4, 2018
Experience life in rural South Africa with a group of volunteers from all over the world! Assist teachers in the classroom, help coordinate Outreach Programs, and more.
We are charity nonprofit organization working for better health, active lifestyle and sports development

We connect international volunteers with the local organizations that need their support

80% response rate , 18 hour(s) response time.
Social inclusion of adults with intellectual disabilities

Youth and children non-governmental organisation.

We are Global Office, a non-govermental organization that has launched the GoGlobal initiative to popularize foreign languages in Ukraine. GoCamp is an educational programme of school-based children camps that include innovative teaching methods and engage a foreign volunteer

Migration will be the challenge of a generation. Campfire Innovation ensures that the grassroots teams facing these challenges can access what they need to deliver smart, efficient and dignified aid to refugees.

Touch a Life

Мукачево, Ukraine, Europe.
We are a NGO that helps at-risk youth integrate into society through nutrition and education.

Our mission is to help animals in the county of Caras-Severin, in Romania, a county that is primarily rural, and where the education and civilization levels are very low, in the hope that rural and remote communities will continue on a path of becoming a more humane society for all animals.

We are a charity working on the development of human resources

100% response rate
We are a charity organisation located in Bacau (N-E Romania), dedicated to helping those in need through medical, social and educational services.

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