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Volunteer in Europe in Web Work

We are charity nonprofit organization working for better health, active lifestyle and sports development

Smiling Hospital Foundation

Lift Spirits of Children in Hospitals!

Budapest, Hungary, Europe.
The Smiling Hospital Foundation's mission is to uplift spirits of sick children in hospitals as a contributing factor to speed up the recovery process.


Volunteer in a program that teaches Refugees computer programming in Greece!

Athens, Greece, Europe.
82% response rate , 31 hour(s) response time.
We are a charity helping refugees integrate into the receiving European countries by teaching them computer programming and then connect them with the private sector for job placement.

Youth and children non-governmental organisation.


București, Romania, Europe.
We are working to improve the healthcare in Romania through ehealth and education

Migration will be the challenge of a generation. Campfire Innovation ensures that the grassroots teams facing these challenges can access what they need to deliver smart, efficient and dignified aid to refugees.

Our mission is to help animals in the county of Caras-Severin, in Romania, a county that is primarily rural, and where the education and civilization levels are very low, in the hope that rural and remote communities will continue on a path of becoming a more humane society for all animals.

We are a charity working on the development of human resources

Green Line Albania is an environmental NGO, oriented in 6 priorities: Awareness & Concrete Actions, Policy Making, CSR, Education, Partnership & Community Engagement

85% response rate
We are a non-profit organization working in the field of education.

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