Volunteer in Ghana doing Microfinancing work

Volunteer in Ghana doing Microfinancing work

We provide a platform for groups/volunteers/ to be involve in group educational activities that focuses on issues related to intercultural communication, development issues in the host communities and larger issues related to international development while learning our culture and way of lifestyle
Agriculture Childcare Education

Reproductive Advocate Health Education Ghana (RAHE-GHANA) is a non -profit making organization established to undertake social and economic interventions that reduce vulnerability to poverty, disease, hunger and other famines situations,
Agriculture Education Healthcare
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Aid for Girls and Children Foundation-Ghana

Jei Krodua along the Bawjaise Road, Awutu Senya District, Ghana
We are a charity organization committed to promoting vulnerable girls and children's right to education in rural communities. We are also in to Health and Rural Communities Development.
Childcare Education Healthcare
Accommodation Meals

We are a non-profit organisation working to promote youth empowerment in Ghana
Education Human Rights Women Development

Gadrage Aid Foundation International is a Ghanaian based non-profit organization established to help alleviate poverty and hunger in Ghanaian community.
Agriculture Education Healthcare
Accommodation Meals

Latest Reviews

Excellent Organization with a  True Humanitian Focus. reviewed by Yvonne Doyle
"Great Cause to be involved with in all ways, focusing on empowerment, achieving and team building developments for all visitors, students, volunteers and management all appraisals to encourage and lead for projections of self achievements.

Excellent focused and talented insights to united understanding of different cultural ways of doing things.

Always fun and serious tasks venturing into anything from projects, teaching, health, music, religious studies, finance, and many more.

Great show of teamwork and thoroughly enjoyed every moment in Volunteering there.

A cause with a heart..come and learn new and innovative skills and implement yours to help educate the people of the cause and communities.

Thumbs up from me...still actively involved with the cause presently..let's join hands and make the world a better place to live in.

Yvonne Doyle."
46 days ago