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Volunteer in Ghana doing Social Work work


Ho, Ghana, Africa.
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97% response rate , 39 hour(s) response time.
HCDP GHANA is a registered and recognized non-governmental project and volunteer organization incorporated under Act 179 at the Registrar General’s Department in Accra, Ghana. Registration number G.32, 619, and it has a unique rule to play in the lives of the deprived living in the rural communities

100% response rate , 11 hour(s) response time.
We provide a platform for groups/volunteers/ to be involve in group educational activities that focuses on issues related to intercultural communication, development issues in the host communities and larger issues related to international development while learning our culture and way of lifestyle

A youth-led organization that supports youth, young women especially from very low income background achieve self-actualization using education, entrepreneurship and microfinance.

Mi Smyle Foundation

Help bring healthcare to rural areas in Ghana!

Accra, Ghana, Africa.
We are a charity organisation, looking to bring quality and affordable healthcare to rural areas by regetering them unto our national health insurance scheme


Volunteer in a youth-based NGO in Ghana!

Tamale, Ghana, Africa.
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NOYED-Ghana is a youth based non-organisation that is working towards an improved quality of life of the youth and the vulnerable (women and children) in society in the northern part of Ghana. Education, Health and Livelihood & Governance are the areas of operation of the organisation.

We are a charity working to accelerate the integration of countries in West Africa.

Aid for Girls and Children Foundation-Ghana

Jei Krodua along the Bawjaise Road, Awutu Senya District, Ghana, Africa.
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We are a charity organization committed to promoting vulnerable girls and children's right to education in rural communities. We are also in to Health and Rural Communities Development.

Empowering the most marginalized citizens in deprived communities to assert their rights to local development

God's Movement International

Help Educate Teenage Girls in rural communities about their Health!

Cape Coast, Ghana, Africa.
Religious charity organization working in Ghana to develop rural communities.

ANOPA(Agoro Ne Obra PA)Project

Join a Sports Development Project!

Cape Coast, Ghana, Africa.
We are a sports for development organisation in Ghana

Latest Reviews

What a fantastic organization! reviewed by Ernie Lee
"I had the pleasure of working with HCDP recently. It was really great to see Richard and how the HCDP team impacts the Ho community. The work they do is incredible. Thanks Richard!"
on 29/03/2017
"spend 1 month, great team, great people that care for you. It is interesting that they care more for your comfort than you for them. I was teaching lessons at school and playing soccer with the children/boys of the neighbourhood. I highly recommend to visit them, to donate, to be part of their cause. "
7 days ago