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Volunteer in Greece with Children and Local Communities

We are a grassroots non profit non govermental organization working to help create a world where man is in balance with nature


Volunteer in a program that teaches Refugees computer programming in Greece!

Athens, Greece, Europe.
100% response rate
We are a charity helping refugees integrate into the receiving European countries by teaching them computer programming and then connect them with the private sector for job placement.

Migration will be the challenge of a generation. Campfire Innovation ensures that the grassroots teams facing these challenges can access what they need to deliver smart, efficient and dignified aid to refugees.


Athens, Greece, Europe.
80% response rate
We are non profit organization for enviroment-social-and arts.We have activities for culture music at open Skaramagas refugee camp Athens Greece

A place where young people can do alot of things!

progressive educational and cultural activities

We are a charity that efforts to strengthen emotional and social skills of children, adolescents, young adults while also supporting parents and professionals involved


Calling all Actors...Volunteer at a Performing Arts NGO in Greece!

Athens , Greece, Europe.
Contemporary Performing Arts Company