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Volunteer Abroad - Kampala, uganda

Volunteer near Kampala, uganda (Less than 300KM away)


Masaka, Uganda, Africa.
82% response rate , 15 hour(s) response time.
We are a charity working with communities for sustainable development

St. Paul KAASO is a unique community project in Uganda that provides education and mentorship to children in one of the areas hardest-hit by the HIV/AIDS crisis.

64% response rate , 41 hour(s) response time.

96% response rate , 50 hour(s) response time.
LCU is a grassroots, non-profit organization based in Kampala, Uganda. We were founded in January 2013 by a group of young Ugandans who wanted to make a difference in our community. We strive to empower children and young women to effectively participate in social economic development skills.

81% response rate , 27 hour(s) response time.
One Aid - One Soul is a charity located in Eastern Uganda to empower vulnerable children, elderly and other community members through sensitization, rehabilitation and talent development in different social and ecological projects.

MCODE supports and initiates innovative projects with a mission to save and improve lives of those in need with a priority on children and women.

100% response rate , 55 hour(s) response time.
We are a charity to benefit the social work of Uganda People

100% response rate
We are a community based organization who offers tourism services for a better and more sustainable living

we are a community empowerment organization that is working very closely with the government of Kenya to advance development agenda in our community.

This is a community organization that is promoting women empowerment & community table banking activities and also focusing on sustainable developed integrated by recovery efforts.
the organization is registered with the government of Kenya through the ministry of culture and social services.

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