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Volunteer Abroad - New delhi, india

Volunteer near New delhi, india


New Delhi, India, South Asia.
88% response rate , 47 hour(s) response time.
Mission Statement: Our mission is to bring education and empowerment to those who need it the most.

We are national not-for-profit organization that pioneered the autism movement in India & South Asia. We strive to access the rights of individuals with autism and their families.

We are working to provide creative and innovative education commodities at impossible prices. trying to reduce the cost of education In Rural India.

Silver Earth India

Gurgaon-122002, India, South Asia.
75% response rate
We are an organisation which is dedicated to the tasks of eco-welfare and spreading environmental awareness


Gurgaon, India, South Asia.
Research Awareness And Facilitation on Health Education Environment


Kriti team

New Delhi, India, South Asia.
38% response rate
We are a development and social action support group working on gender, environment, social and sustainable development issues and human rights of marginalised and low-income communities across India.

Founded in 2015, Reaching Sky Foundation is a youth oriented non-governmental organization based in New Delhi. Our mission is to wisely direct the power of youth in India, with an increased understanding of social issues along with the desire to be the initiators and value generators thus bringing t


New Delhi-110059, India, South Asia.
We are a chairty working for rehabilitation and welfare of elderly/destitute parents in India

People for Parity (PfP) is a youth-led social change organization, which works on shifting attitudes and beliefs around gender and gender based violence, to achieve their vision of a world free of systemic gender based discrimination and violence where every individual can strive to be their best selves. PfP deeply imbibes values of empathy, restorative justice, inclusion and non-violence in its programs and approach.
Over the last few years, PfP has built an in-depth understanding of gender issues and the beliefs behind them. In addition, the team has been trained in design and facilitation skills to create safe spaces for exploration, learning and healing.

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