Volunteer Abroad - Eldoret, Kenya

Volunteer Abroad - Eldoret, Kenya

Volunteer near Eldoret, Kenya (Less than 300KM away)

We are a charity helping the poor children to access Education in Nairobi,Kenya
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Amatsiko Organisation

Kampala, Uganda, Uganda
We are a community based Organisation (CBO) that supports and empowers disadvantaged children and their families
Agriculture Childcare Education
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Academic Health and Agricultural Development Initiative (AHADI) is a registered Not-for-profit Organization with a mission to fight ignorance, Disease and poverty in rural parts of Kenya through education, healthcare and economic empowerment by use of available resources and voluntary service.
Agriculture Education Environment
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Blessed Children

Nairobi, Kenya
We are a non-profit organisation.
Agriculture Childcare Education
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Childcare Healthcare Human Rights
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we are a community empowerment organization that is working very closely with the government of Kenya to advance development agenda in our community.
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This is a community organization that is promoting women empowerment & community table banking activities and also focusing on sustainable developed integrated by recovery efforts.
the organization is registered with the government of Kenya through the ministry of culture and social services.
Agriculture Education Environment
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Agriculture Childcare Education
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Kampala, Uganda
ENVenture empowers rural Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to learn business skills to launch sustainable clean energy enterprises.
Environment Development

Riley Orton Foundation

We are a youth-led grassroots org based in Obambo village and obunga slum in Kisumu Kenya, East africa. We empower girls through quality education at Akili Girls Preparatory School www.akilischool.weebly.com . and marginalized women through entrepreneurship training at www.maendeleohub.org
Agriculture Childcare Education
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Latest Reviews

Something never to forget reviewed by Simon Matthews
"Volunteering at Safisha Africa Welare Foundation has been such an amazing experience!

The volunteering work mainly contains assisting the teachers in the school, co-teaching with other volunteers and playing with the children during their breaks. You are driven to school every day with a van which only takes around ten minutes. The children are very spontaneous and willing to learn. They also love to sing and dance during the breaks. Let yourself be overwhelmed by their kindness and joy of life!

Alice is taking care of you like she is your own mother. Her son William and the rest of the family are always around to keep you good company. Three meals a day are provided and there is a mall around the corner where you can buy yourself some extras. The house is a big gathering place for volunteers from all over the world with each their own, unique story. In your spare time you have the opportunity to go on a safari, visit the city center of Nairobi and going to an elephant orphanage.

Prepare for meeting a bunch of great people and for having a lovely time with the children!"
on 15/05/2017

Seeing the Work of the Amatisko Preparatory School is  Life-Changing reviewed by Mark Kavanagh
"In August 2016 I had the opportunity to see the incredible difference that the Amatisko Preparatory School is making in the lives of its students. It was truly touching to see the love and devotion that makes the Amatisko School a place like no other. I worked with staff from Amatisko - Alex and Alphonse, and can honestly say that I have never met more dedicated, caring people in my life.
To attend our BioSand Filter Training course, every morning Alex would get up early to feed the children he has adopted, teach school from 7:30 until 9:30, attend the classes we were teaching from 10 until 5, return to school to de-brief the teachers and then return home to feed and care for his extended family.
Alphonse was equally amazing helping to manage our project. While taking our course and helping manage the project, Alphonse was running the Rabbit Joint, promoting Go Organic Africa and keeping bees.
Alex and Alphonse are representative of the incredibly dedicated teaching and support staff that makes Amatsko such a special place. While the classrooms were rustic and the teaching supplies minimal, the curriculum on display appeared sophisticated and the students very attentive and well-mannered. The students at Amatsiko Preparatory School were obviously very happy, well fed, well taken care of, and very appreciative of the opportunity that the Amatisko School provides for them.
I cannot adequately express my appreciation for the dedication and on-going commitment of the staff of the Amatsko School. I saw for myself that they are making a incredible difference in the lives of hundreds of children and doing so with virtually no supplies and limited financial support. I saw for myself how EVERY dollar we donated to Amastisko went directly to buying food for the children.
I encourage you to do what you can to help the Amatisko Organization- donate money, raise funds or perhaps even volunteer your time in Uganda! I encourage you - just do it!

Most sincerely,

Mark Kavanagh,
Foundation for Youth Rights to Education, Canada"