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Volunteer Abroad - Johannesburg, South Africa

Volunteer near Johannesburg, South Africa (Less than 300KM away)

SAFOD is a leading Southern African disability-focused network engaged in coordination of activities of organisations of Persons with Disabilities in the Southern Africa region.

Happy Toes Permaculture Project

Groot Marico, South Africa, Africa.
Happy Toes is a Permaculture Project and grassroots lifestyle training centre.

White Lion Protection Trust

Greater Timbavati, South Africa, Africa.
The WLT focuses on conservation through sustainable development, with particular emphasis on community participation, education and cultural upliftment.

We are an NPO focusing on health, human rights and nutrition.


Centurion, South Africa, Africa.
We are a non for profit group looking to optimise green design processes in the built environment industry in Africa.

Sparrow Schools educates children with learning difficulties, disabilities and underprivileged children from Grade 1-7 in the community. We also have a Technical Skills High Schools as well as an FET College for disabled and disadvantaged youth .

We are Registered Nonprofit Organization

We provide education and support for all cancer patients, survivors and caregivers regardless of colour or creed.

<Makers Foundation

Pretoria, South Africa, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
Makers - A place where we teach people to make almost anything

Moving into Dance Mophatong

Help make a difference through Dance by empowering Youth from underprivileged Communities!

Johannesburg, South Africa, Africa.
Currently Not Seeking Volunteers
We are a Not-For-Profit Organisation that trains and teaches dance to able-bodied and disabled students from disadvantaged circumstances.