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Volunteer Abroad - Kasese, Uganda

Volunteer near Kasese, Uganda

100% response rate , 40 hour(s) response time.
We are a community based organization who offers tourism services for a better and more sustainable living

100% response rate
We work to empower rural poor communities in Uganda through basic primary education, health, skills training and environmental conservation.

A group of motivated youth formed LUYODEFO out of a deep aspiration to respond to the plight of the Ugandan people.

Gift Women Link Foundation (GWLF) is women based charitable, non-profit and non-political organization for under privileged, the poor, ultra-poor, vulnerable and marginalized people particularly the rural population who are deprived of today’s modern facilities such as health care, education etc

Africa Sustainable Tourism Care Foundation (ASTCF) a registered tourism Non-Governmental Organization – NGO (Reg. No. S.5914/11282) that strives for the conservation of biodiversity and development of rural Uganda communities in high tourism potential areas.

We are a charity that helps vulnerable children, youth and women to access basic needs like education, health, clean water and sanitation among others.

African ark development foundation Uganda is community based organizational founded to help local communities in education for development to realize changes for growth and publicity to reduce poverty in the area.

We are a charity organisation working in health and Youth Empowement

women Initiative for poverty allivation organisation is working on vocational education in DRC

Blessed child care foundation is A community based organization that was founded in 2009 by a team of qualified,skilled and professional social and healthy works in Kasese District in Uganda After realizing the need to reduce on child neglect and ending all forms of child abuse

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