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Volunteer Abroad - Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Volunteer near Phnom Penh, Cambodia (Less than 300KM away)

Kep Gardens Association

Accommodation Meals
100% response rate , 27 hour(s) response time.
Vocational centre teaching various skills to help the local village youth gain employment.

Botumsakor Community Development Organization (BCDO)

Thmor Sor (Khum Thma Sa for googlemaps), Cambodia, South East Asia.
Accommodation Meals
96% response rate , 16 hour(s) response time.
We are a non-profit organization running an English school in rural Cambodia

Khmer New Generation Organization

Battambang, Cambodia, South East Asia.
Accommodation Meals
93% response rate , 59 hour(s) response time.
KNGO provides free English, computer skills and supplementary Khmer literacy and mathematics classes to the children of Bospo Village and surrounding areas.

100% response rate
JWOC develops projects in Southeast Asia that reduce poverty levels, increase educational and economic opportunities, and empower recipients and supporters, inspiring ongoing social change.

We are a Cambodian registered wildlife conservation NGO that works with rural communities and the royal government of Cambodia to preserve the wildlife and natural resources of this country and mainly in the Northern Plains and Tonle Sap Floodplains under MoU with Ministry of Environment of Cambodia

VDCA is an officially registered Cambodian NGO, offering free education and community programs to underprivileged children and families in Siem Reap and rural areas.

We are an entirely charity-supported school with the goal of providing Cambodian students a good education.

Karuna Youth Cambodia

Kompong Speu Province, Cambodia, South East Asia.
We are an educational organization base in Cambodia.

67% response rate , 22 hour(s) response time.
Non-governmental and non-profit Organization, aiming to build a viable and sustained community where people embrace trust, solidarity, and respect.

Sala Monkey Primary School is redefining rural education.

Once named the ‘Pearl of Asia’, Cambodia’s capital city has always played an important role in the country's cultural heritage. As a cultural center, it was a hub for both French colonialists and Khmer Empire that, struck by war and revolution, had seen much destruction. Over the last two decades, Phnom Penh is slowly regaining its reputation as a vibrant, alluring city for worldwide travelers and volunteering opportunities can be found in the city and around. If you are looking to lend your skills in the city, causes promoted in the area are mainly related to people and ecological work. Volunteering opportunities in Phnom Penh start from education and poverty reduction, sustainable development of infrastructure and human rights activity, health education, and more. There are many NGO’s and nonprofits focusing on eco-volunteering.

Touring While Volunteering in Phnom Penh

Volunteering in Phnom Penh is an experience like no other - though the city had experienced atrocities during the Khmer Empire days, many on the city’s sites were transformed into a peaceful place. The city is widely known for its architecture - from landmarks like the Royal Palace to French colonial buildings around the city.

What to Eat While Volunteering in Phnom Penh

For those volunteering in Phnom Penh, you’d probably be happy to know that you are in one of the best food capitals in Southeast Asia. The street food combines french, Vietnamese and philippine cuisine and you can find Fish amok, Lok lak and num pang. You can always dine at a restaurant, but just think of finishing your day with sticky rice and a fresh coconut milk, what could be better?