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Volunteer Abroad - Trujillo, Peru

Volunteer near Trujillo, Peru (Less than 300KM away)

About us:We are a a small non-profit organization located in the low income district of La Esperanza in Trujillo, Peru. Currently we have two projects running, teaching English to some of the poorest children in Trujillo, and assisting at a Dog shelter for recued street dogs.


Salaverry, Peru, South America.
We are providing support for people from disadvantaged backgrounds to learn language

Asociación Huanchaco Esperanza Canina is an association based in Huanchaco, Peru, dedicated to rescuing and taking care of street dogs who have been abandoned, are sick, hurt or mistreated.
Esperanza means ‘hope’ in Spanish and that’s what we want to give the dogs in our shelter.

Seeds of Hope is a Peruvian registered charity that provides a safe and welcoming space for 55 impoverished students aged 6-18.

We are an animal welfare organization running a shelter for over 20 rescued street dogs, and providing local canine health campaigns.

SKIP is a non-profit organisation helping economically-disadvantaged children in El Porvenir to realise their right to an education. We promote quality education and foster the capacity of children and families to be the principal agents of change in their own lives.

We are an eco-hostel centered in the Andean mountains working on permaculture projects and community development.

We are a charity working to benefit educationand Vulnerable areas in Perú

We are a charity focused on health promotion and disease prevention through our project CESAPU - Centro de Salud Pública..

Future in Action - CIPDFA

Volunteer in the Health Sector with the disadvantaged in Trujillo!

Trujillo , Peru, South America.
The Center for Research and Promotion for Development "Future in Action" - CIPDFA - is a non-governmental organization whose social object is to contribute to the achievement of sustainable development with equity and inclusion, acting against the structural causes of the poverty of the peoples, putting Emphasis on the less favored sectors such as women, children, and people with disabilities.

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