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Volunteer in India in Administration

Himalayan volunteering opportunities

Rishikesh and Barkot, India, South Asia.
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99% response rate , 46 hour(s) response time.
We are a group of like minded people working together to make a change into the society through various developmental projects.

Mana Rishikesh

Rishikesh, India, South Asia.
Accommodation Meals
100% response rate , 38 hour(s) response time.
Mana RishikeshWe are Rishikesh based non profit organisation working for underprivileged children,street children and local people.We are all volunteers, including the directors,staff and our colleagues,so the money we receive goes towards our charitable activities, not salaries.What motivates us?

Action For Autism

Delhi, India, South Asia.
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We are national not-for-profit organization that pioneered the autism movement in India & South Asia. We strive to access the rights of individuals with autism and their families.

To help disabled people train and employ in the field of Computers and IT such as Web designing, Web-Development, SEO, Business Process outsourcing, etc through our organization.

jeevan jyoti jan kalyan kendra

BOKARO, India, South Asia.
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“Jeevan jyoti jan kalyan Kendra gomia to initiate, support and conduct research as well as action to develop and create self-reliance, empowerment and equity in society through knowledge, action and economizing available and additional resources”

Plant a tree I Plant a Hope

Yuva Parivartan is one of the largest NGOs providing livelihoods to underprivileged youth.

NGO engaged in providing quality education to rural children of India through youth volunteerism and enabling technology solutions

Human Rights Organization , Short Stay Home for distressed Women ,Women Empowerment , Education

Tarun Chetna

Patti, India, South Asia.
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Tarun Chetna has been working in the Pratapgarh region with women belonging to the excluded community with a special focus to women & children.