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Volunteer in India doing Sports related activities

The Hope Foundation UK

Kolkata, India, South Asia.
83% response rate
HOPE is dedicated to promoting the protection of slum & street-connected children in Kolkata, among the most underprivileged in India, to promote immediate and lasting change in their lives.

Parijat Academy

Guwahati, India, South Asia.
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Parijat Academy is a non-profit school.To develop and explore latent potentialities of children through education.

Mrida Education and Welfare Society

Volunteer inside a Holistic School dedicated to the livelihood of the children in the community!

Mandla, India, South Asia.
Accommodation Meals
We are a charity working on education, sports and rural technology focused on rural Madhya Pradesh

Amrita Educational Trust

Talcher Thermal Power Station Township, India, South Asia.
We are working for the educational development for the students of below the poverty line in odisha,india

An organisation who working in government school to improve the quality of education throw technology.

JDC Entwine

Russian Federation, Hungary, India, Turkey, Israel, Argentina, Moldova, Republic of, Bulgaria.
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Entwine is a department engaging young professionals which sits within the larger organization JDC. JDC (Joint Distribution Committee) is the world’s largest Jewish humanitarian assistance organization and works in over 70 countries worldwide.

Shri Jasnath Asan

Panchla Siddha, India, South Asia.
Accommodation Meals
86% response rate
Shri Jasnath Asan is a 500 year old ashram on the edge of the Thar Dessert of Rajasthan. It falls within the Hatha Yoga Lineage, descending from Shiva/Gorakhnath. We welcome visitors from September - April to our yoga institute and retreat center, as well as our Ayurveda wellness programs.

Salt Lake City Prayasam

Kolkata, India, South Asia.
Accommodation Meals
We educate, advocate, and inform about--and through--cinema.

Full Circle

Bangalore, India, South Asia.
we are non profit trust working to develop government schools in bangalore

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