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Volunteer in Kenya with Animals

Tsavo Heritage Foundation

Engage in biodiversity and conservation work at Kenya's Tsavo National Park!

voi , Kenya, Africa.
we are working towards the holistics rehabilitation and conservation of the Tsavo Ecosystem & Dispersal Areas - TEDA , the Tsavo National Park anchor ecosystems

We are a not for profit organization that brings together environmentalist, conservationist, environmental journalist with a quest to address environmental issues affecting mother nature

We are a charity working in kenya to conserve environment and Kakamega forest ecosystem

We are Located on 4 acres Farm in Kuja old bridge region of Migori county ~Kenya, close to River Kuja at a centre called Kuja .

We are a shelter for women, girls and their children that are victims of sexual and domestic abuse.

we are a charity working to benefit conservation of wildlife in Kajiado West District of Kenya

We are a non-profit organization that serves the needs of the vulnerable and impoverished communities in the horn of Africa with a particular focus on Somalia and Kenya