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Volunteer in Kenya in Disaster Relief

Wide Rescue Initiative Organization(WIRIO)

Summer 2018: Join a Group and Volunteer with Local Communities in Kenya

Kisii, Kenya.
July 1 - August 1, 2018
WIRIO is a grassroots organization that serves the local Maasai, Kisii, & Luo communities. Volunteers who join this group will work on various projects that help the local community in reducing poverty by helping the local population with income generating projects like beekeeping, horticultural farming and more. Volunteers will participate in activities such as teaching, empowerment, mentorship, environmental conservation, waste management and more.

Colobus Conservation

Summer 2018: Help Conserve and Protect Endangered Monkeys in the Coastal Region of Kenya with Other Volunteers!

July 15 - July 31, 2018
Colobus Conservation Limited is a conservation organization designed to promote the conservation, preservation, and protection of primates like the nationally threatened Angolan Colobus Monkey (Colobus Angolensis Palliatus) and its coastal forest habitat in southeastern Kenya.
We are a community based organization focused on improving livelihood through women empowerment, education and water and sanitation projects in rural Eastern sides of Kenya.

We are a community based organization committed to Empowering the Rural Community for Sustainable Livelihoods

We are an International Non Profit organisation Promoting Public health in poor settings in Kenya and beyond


Prophet Reward Foundation is a unique community foundation formed by a peasant acting for the peasants and the only organization networking from interior rural to international level.

Fighting poverty through empowerment to youth, women and men to help their children. Donations are made through PAY BILL 937400 (KIAMBAA WELFARE FOUNDATION) Bank details: FAMILY BANK Pay to PAYBILL 222111 A/c 05100 000 6195 Branch Bananahill

We are a non-profit organization that serves the needs of the vulnerable and impoverished communities in the horn of Africa with a particular focus on Somalia and Kenya