Volunteer in Kenya doing Healthcare work

Volunteer in Kenya doing Healthcare work

Academic Health and Agricultural Development Initiative (AHADI) is a registered Not-for-profit Organization with a mission to fight ignorance, Disease and poverty in rural parts of Kenya through education, healthcare and economic empowerment by use of available resources and voluntary service.
Agriculture Education Environment
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Blessed Children

Nairobi, Kenya
We are a non-profit organisation.
Agriculture Childcare Education
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We are a Community Based Organization, Non-Profit and Non-Governmental that help spearhead community driven development initiatives and enable needy community groups( women, youths, children) participate in integrated activities to achieve quality livelihood and be self-sustainable.
Childcare Education Environment
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This is a community based organization registered by the Kenya government. Our programs focuses on education, health, capacity building, sports, food security and environment.RAY is a charitable organization involved in development of the child-welfare, women & the youths in our society.
Agriculture Education Environment
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Diani Beach, Kenya
I am an orthopaedic surgeon working in a rural hospital in Kenya organising visits of medical volunteers of all medical fields

LDK’s mission is to provide a quality education to the children who are most in need, equipping them not only with practical knowledge and skills, but also with the optimism, open mindedness, and drive to lift their communities out of extreme poverty.
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We reduce poverty and suffering from the poor and needy of the World.
Agriculture Education Environment
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Wagego Kenya

Mfangano Island, Kenya
We are a charity committed to transforming lives of the most vulnerable in Mfangano Island,Kenya
Agriculture Education Environment
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Hope Link Child

Kisumu, Kenya
Our mission is to increase the well being of children, women, widows, widowers, men and youths who are disadvantage due to economic, social, and cultural differences in the society. We hope to create a healthy, transformed and interactive community.
Education Development


MATUU, Kenya
We are an organization that is promoting health in Kenya and fighting Infant Oral Mutilation
Childcare Education Healthcare

Latest Reviews

Great experience in Kenya ! reviewed by KIM SANG YEON
"Hi, I am from South Korea.
When I finished my University, I was eager to do something new and meaningful. So, I volunteered for this wonderful activity. I went to Bomet county, which is the main production area of the tea in order to participate in 6 weeks volunteer programme.
Bomet has a very clean sky and nature. Food are very healthy, likes maize, potato, keil, spinach, bananas, pumkins and so on. I had had a bad diet habit that prefer to eat fast and unhealthy food. So, My parents also a bit happy with local Kenyan food .
It’s very clear that there was a huge cultural gap between Kenya and my homeland. However, someone said, “What does not kill you, makes you strong.” I am highly agree with this. Definitely, there were challenges in terms of living in other country. However, It was not able to stop my journey! Now, I recollect my journey and it was quite meaningful and invaluable. I also went to Mombasa, the largest port in East Africa, and get into the Indian Ocean. The ocean is so clean, has beautiful scenery.
When it comes to Kenya, sometimes, people are confused about safety. As I experienced, Kenya is a really safe place. I have never seen the peoeple who are fighting or shouting. They are very kind and generous. I would like to point out that even I just walk down the street in Nairobi, some guys came to me and said, “Welcome to my country, and thank you for your visiting.” What a strong social cohesion.
If someone read this short writing, I want tell you.
What are you waiting for? Do not hesitate! Go forward!

I am looking forward to revisiting Kenya sooner or later.
(I should have been to Masai Mara National Reserve!)

Had an Amazing time!! reviewed by Xanthe Walker
"My mum and I visited in September 2016 - October 2016. We had a brilliant time. The hosts were lovely and kind, the accommodation was great and I loved spending time with the kids! This was one of the best experiences I've had and would return in a heartbeat. I became connected to the kids and loved going for walks with them. Such a lovely place!!"
25 days ago