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Volunteer in Kenya doing Women Empowerment work

Blessed Children

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
69% response rate , 75 hour(s) response time.
We are a non-profit organisation.

Lola Kenya Screen

Help Promote Creativity Through Cinema and Art!

Nairobi, Kenya, Africa.
Movie and Arts Festival and Skills-Development and Marketing Platform for Children and Youth in Eastern Africa


Siaya County, Kenya, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
We are the most accessible community library that promote life long learning and culture of reading to the community. We enables the youth to evolve into engaged citizens and adults to connect, relax and increase knowledge

Riley Orton Foundation

KISUMU, Kenya, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
We are a youth-led grassroots org based in Obambo village and obunga slum in Kisumu Kenya, East africa. We empower girls through quality education at Akili Girls Preparatory School www.akilischool.weebly.com . and marginalized women through entrepreneurship training at www.maendeleohub.org

Kipepeo Community Emwpowerment Program

Luanda, Kenya, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
80% response rate , 26 hour(s) response time.
We are a Community Based Organization, Non-Profit and Non-Governmental that help spearhead community driven development initiatives and enable needy community groups( women, youths, children) participate in integrated activities to achieve quality livelihood and be self-sustainable.

Matungu Community Development Charity

Mumias, Kenya, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
Matungu Community Development Charity (MCDC) is a Community Based Organization (CBO) working towards supporting smallscale farmers to improv their production.


We are a community based organization focused on improving livelihood through women empowerment, education and water and sanitation projects in rural Eastern sides of Kenya.

Generation Guiders

Kitale, Kenya, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
We are non-profit making Community Based Organization that aim to empower girls in the community


NAIROBI, Kenya, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
100% response rate , 25 hour(s) response time.
Garden of Hope Foundation is a Youth lead community organization that is passionate about restoring hope through providing mentorship, leadership, and youth empowerment

Latest Reviews

Had an Amazing time!! reviewed by Xanthe Walker
"My mum and I visited in September 2016 - October 2016. We had a brilliant time. The hosts were lovely and kind, the accommodation was great and I loved spending time with the kids! This was one of the best experiences I've had and would return in a heartbeat. I became connected to the kids and loved going for walks with them. Such a lovely place!!"
on 23/07/2017
"The ability to communicate and take part in modern media society is vital to young people today. I admire Lola Kenya Screen for the important work that is done to encourage young people to express their views and experiences in the media they find most interesting. I spend my days educating young people in Norway, and I see many similarities, in spite of the different resources available. After my visit in 2010 I have been following the enduring work on a distance. Don't ever give up!"