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Volunteer in Mexico doing Teaching related activities

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Fundación En Vía is a non-profit organization located in Oaxaca, Mexico that is committed to supporting social and community development through the combination of three main programs: microfinance, responsible tourism, and education.

United Vision

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United Vision primarily sends well-trained volunteers to developing countries (in the first stage to Mexico) who teach (free of charge) English using highly effective method.

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Tierra Roja Cuxtitali is a community center for children and adults that develops intellectual, productive and communication skills that promote a constructive intercultural dialogue within the neighborhood of Cuxtitali in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

Latest Reviews

Unique and enriching experience reviewed by Jessica Grans
"Volunteering with En Via was one of the best decisions I made. I Immediately felt connected to other foreigners and travelers through a community that wants to improve the lives of local Oaxacans. Heading out of the city bustle to connect with an indigenous community and work with the children to expand their language skills was a highlight of my week. The community I worked in was peaceful and beautiful and laid back. The children were delightful and charming even in their ocasional rebellious or timid moments. I enjoyed the challenge, but always felt supported by the coordinators. I came to feel as though I, also was a part of the community I taught in. Very enriching and memorable. "
on 04/04/2016

Volunteering for UV in Campeche, Mexico reviewed by Ku Ba Orbital
"It is nice to know that some people in the world don’t hurry, don’t have a lot of possessions and still smile at you, invite you to their home and share a meal with you – complete stranger! – so rare in our country. Meeting Mexicans, but especially Mayas and Zapatistas enriched my narrow European view of the world and changed it completely. I taught them English, but they unawares taught me how to appreciate life, live intensely. Discovering different cultural perspective is so exciting!"