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Volunteer in Middle East with Children and Local Communities

Habiba Community

Come Volunteer with Sustainable Agriculture in the Nuweiba Egyptian community!

Nuweibaa, Egypt, Middle East.
we promote sustainable agriculture and the permaculture lifestyle to Nuweiba’s local community

Orient and Dance Theater is an artistic space situated In Ramallah/Al-Bireh, Palestine. It is a place for dance, music and arts. ODT stands for hope, tolerance and diversity. Art is used here to express feelings and create something new.

Aie Serve is a youth non-governmental organization that works on youth empowerment.

We are an educational Center working in Hebron, Palestine

100% response rate , 4 hour(s) response time.
The Marda Permaculture Farm is a working farm and demonstration site for permaculture principles, techniques and strategies located in Palestine.

67% response rate , 1 hour(s) response time.
Enaya Development Foundation is a non-profit, non-governmental ,civil development organization which is established under the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor permit’s number (24) and date: 07/29/2015. It works to improve health and educational situation and to protect vulnerable groups of women, children and those with special needs by providing them with health and psychological care and legal counseling in cooperation with all relevant ministries and institutions. It was founded in the light of crisis and deterioration of humanitarian situation in Yemen. We have collected intellectual leaders to come up with an organization offering high quality services which have a permanent impact.

It is a youth foundation for development non-governmental not-for-profit organization started its activity in 1/1/2011 and was officially established on 14/2/2012 license from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (no. 641) with the aim of achieving sustainable development in the community.

Permaculture training and demonstration site serving local students, women's associations, and community groups.