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Volunteer in Nepal in General related activities

EHN Nepal

Teach English in Nepal with a group of volunteers

Kathmandu, Nepal.
April 29 - May 29, 2018
Teach English, computers, and other subjects at a rural school in Nepal with a group of volunteers from all over the world!
Youth led organization for the empowerment of health, education and environment through people's participation

Community Development Forum (CDF) Nepal, a non-governmental organization established in 1994, has been working in rural remote geography of Nepal especially Mid and Far Western Region in the sector of social mobilization, community development, public awareness raising, capacity development, Human rights and women empowerment.

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We are a non-profit organization working on promoting leadership development & sustainable development practices in the grass root areas of Nepal.

CMIR works for the rights of Nepalese migrant workers and their families.

we are non profitable social service organization.

We are youth operated non-profit organization working for improving quality of education in rural Areas of Nepal.

We are charity working for Muscular dystrophy children.

we are a disaster and climate change media and awareness organization in Nepal

Poor and disadvantage group support for quality life

To organise and build capacity of hard of hearing people so that they are empowered to claim and utilize their rights

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