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Volunteer in Nepal doing Human Rights Work

CSCD Nepal

lalitpur , Nepal, South Asia.
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CSCD Nepal is CBO works on women right , enhance livelihood of the earthquake victims

Human Harmony Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal, South Asia.
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100% response rate , 12 hour(s) response time.
Harmony Nepal organizes community development projects that address crucial needs in disadvantaged, marginalized and rural areas in Nepal.


Come volunteer at an organization that works with People who are HIV+

Changunarayan, Nepal, South Asia.
SURWAT is an ideal nonprofit organization in Bhaktapur to implement prevention and rehabilitation to the drug users and most at risk population and community Care Service to PLHIVs. It has been running the center since 2012

Growing Nepal Foundation

Help support some of the poorest areas in Nepal by offering your skills in Education, Social Work and Disaster relief

Kathmandu, Nepal, South Asia.
We are non profit NGO working in Humanitarian Field.

Anticorruption Movement Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal, South Asia.
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To support good governance and anticorruption initiatives at the country level.

Forum for Nation Building Nepal

Join other Human Rights Leaders in building Nepal into a greater nation!

Kathmandu, Nepal, South Asia.
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FNB Nepal is an NGO established by diverse youth professionals with the aim of contributing nation building process and working in the area of access to justice, human rights, migration. humanitarian support and development.

GPYC Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal, South Asia.
GPYC Nepal (Global Peace Youth Corps Nepal) is a non-government organization works to empower youth,build their capacity development in order to develop their full potential and thereby bring positive change in the society where they live.

Samrakshak Samuha Nepal (SASANE)

Kathmandu, Nepal, South Asia.
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SASANE is a survivor-led organization established in 2008 under the founding principle that women survivors of human trafficking .

Currently Not Seeking Volunteers
Save the life main purpose is to recover human trafficking, health service, quality education to poor children, human trafficking and relief program. The project is to targeted to all Nepal and outside country. Our works is targeted millions of lives inside the country and across as crucial impact

Educational Horizons Nepal

Volunteer at an Education initiative helping children develop in a School setting!

Lalitpur, Nepal, South Asia.
Currently Not Seeking Volunteers
We are working on behalf of children at risk, children deprived from education and Early childhood development