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Volunteer in Nepal in Web Work

We are an NGO working in education, environment and entrepreneurship in Nepal.

Mithila Wildlife Trust

Volunteer in their Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation programs!

Janakpur, Nepal, South Asia.
100% response rate , 40 hour(s) response time.
A charity conserving natural resources and wildlife in Nepal.

We are registered charity to collection, reserching, archiving folk music, folk musicl instruments, folk dance in Nepal.

80% response rate , 17 hour(s) response time.
We work in the field of Drug Addiction,We run Drug Teatment Center, We support people affected by HIV Aids and Hepatitis.

transforming the lives of individuals at risks of trafficking, abuse and exploitations through awareness, education, counseling and socio-economic empowerment.

Nepal Development Initiative (NEDI)

Kathmandu, Nepal, South Asia.
Accommodation Meals
NEDI envisions to creating an enabling environment for building a just, equitable, peaceful and prosperous society through social, economic and political empowerment of the rural poor, youth and women.

We are working in Nepal to promote disability rights.

Love Green Nepal

Patan, Nepal, South Asia.
Love Green Nepal (LGN) is an non-governmental development organization (NGO) established in 1991 and engaged in activities – environment conservation, sustainable agriculture, education, women empowerment and small community infrastructures.


Kathmandu, Nepal, South Asia.
We are a Fair Trade Organization producing Fair Trade Handicrafts and generating employment opportunity for leprosy victims and other socially marginalized communities.


Kathmandu, Nepal, South Asia.
Accommodation Meals
Volunteer Nepal National Group (VolNepal) is a local, independent, non-profit organization. Our primary objective is to facilitate the social development processes in Nepali communities.