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Volunteer in Peru with Animals

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Esperanza Verde is a Wildlife Rescue Centre and Conservation project based in the Amazon Jungle.


Iquitos, Peru, South America.
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Working together with the local community, we have built a center for wildlife rescue and environmental education, in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon.

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About us:We are a a small non-profit organization located in the low income district of La Esperanza in Trujillo, Peru. Currently we have two projects running, teaching English to some of the poorest children in Trujillo, and assisting at a Dog shelter for recued street dogs.

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We are a non-profit organization dedicated to rehabilitate wild animals in the Peruvian jungle.

We form ecological, participatory culture and environmental leaders

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El Refugio de Potín is a shelter for dogs that were left in complete abandonment.

Asociación Huanchaco Esperanza Canina is an association based in Huanchaco, Peru, dedicated to rescuing and taking care of street dogs who have been abandoned, are sick, hurt or mistreated.
Esperanza means ‘hope’ in Spanish and that’s what we want to give the dogs in our shelter.

We are an animal welfare organization running a shelter for over 20 rescued street dogs, and providing local canine health campaigns.

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SOQTAPATA is a private Conservation initiative which aims to preserve more than 9.000 hectares of unique natural rainforest beauty near Cusco – Peru. We believe that through preservation we will generate business models contributing to the sustainable development of our planet.

COOPECAN PERU is a cooperative made up of small alpaca producers and vicuna conservationists, located in four high Andean regions of Peru (Cusco, Ayacucho, Apurimac and Arequipa). For operational and management matters, its main office is located in Lima.

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