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Volunteer in Rwanda with Children and Local Communities

A charity organization in Rwanda helping people with disabilities in education and employment

RISE Rwanda was established with a mandate to help and support disadvantaged children and sustain livelihoods and human rights for the most vulnerable members of the community.

we are a small community based peace building organization.

67% response rate
Women empowerement organization

We are a non-profit organization that aims at improving the lives of mothers and children living in poor families.

It is Child focus organization

Ingeri Arts

Promote Artistic Education in Rwanda!

Musanze, Rwanda, Africa.
A non-governmental organization that promotes artistic education, arts, culture and the well-being of the population for a sustainable socioeconomic development.

IREME Foundation stands for I Reach Everywhere Muntu is in Emergency, IREME aims at ensuring relief, advocacy and empowerment to most vulnerable groups.

REDO was founded in 1999 with the main objective of championing environmental education and public awareness of sustainability in Rwanda and in the Great Lakes region

Building the future through education and experience

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