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Volunteer in South Africa in Healthcare

Raising awareness of the illness Mayalgic Encephalomyelitis also referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and assisting patients comprehensively

we are making impact in term of using skill development to Alleviate poverty in Africa

Vrygrond Youth Sports Development

Cape Town, South Africa, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
Vrygrond Youth Sports Development empowers underprivileged youth to be educated, involved in sports and partake in our life-skills, work-skills and rehabilitation programs to help them improve their lives, realise their potential and make an important break in the poverty cycle.

We are an NPO focusing on health, human rights and nutrition.

Township Yogi Project

Durban, South Africa, Africa.
We are a charity offering free yoga classes and yoga teacher training in the townships of South Africa

Sparrow Schools educates children with learning difficulties, disabilities and underprivileged children from Grade 1-7 in the community. We also have a Technical Skills High Schools as well as an FET College for disabled and disadvantaged youth .

Outreach Social Care Project

Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
The Outreach Social Care Project (OSCAR) is a grass-root non-profit organization, which supports disadvantaged and underprivileged communities

MITS Program

cape town, South Africa, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
Using Sport to create social change

An animal rights advocacy organisation that promotes animals rights as being equal to human rights.

We provide education and support for all cancer patients, survivors and caregivers regardless of colour or creed.