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Volunteer in South Africa in Women Empowerment

One Heart Christian Foundation

Malmesbury, South Africa, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
77% response rate , 6 hour(s) response time.
We are a NPO operating on Christian values to help educate,counsel, teach and mentor youth in the rural area that we serve. We support rural schools through volunteer assistance while we counselling youth and women and run youth programs over weekends to promote positive interaction.

Tshega Christian Mission

Tzaneen, South Africa, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
100% response rate , 10 hour(s) response time.
TCM was established in 2004 and we strive to be a transformational ministry, giving hope and bringing holistic change to the community we are serving.

Spin for Charity

Cape Town, South Africa, Africa.
Aids, TB, CANCER, Differently Abled

Izizwe Volunteer Projects

Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
Our volunteer driven organization works for the youth of Walmer Township


Pretoria, South Africa, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
We equip people to positively influence their community.

we are making impact in term of using skill development to Alleviate poverty in Africa

Ruliv NPC

East London, South Africa, Africa.
We are a nonprofit, public benefit organisation facilitation all facets of rural and urban socio-economic development activities, including community development, training and mentoring in Agro-ecology and organic household food gardens

We empower women and girls by offering various mentorships, leadership training programs and girl clubs.

South African Education Pathways is a non-profit organization founded by 2 friends who have a belief that educational resources, channeled appropriately, would alleviate the problem of illiteracy and quality education in South Africa over time.