Volunteer in South Asia doing Human Rights Work

Volunteer in South Asia doing Human Rights Work

India Volunteer Care

Puducherry, India
Locted in Puducherry, India is involved in bringiing skills and knowlege to the people who need thorugh international and local volunteers
Childcare Education Environment

Rosary Trust

Tirunelveli, India
We help Dalits the most oppressed people in India.
Agriculture Education Healthcare
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Campion Educational & Welfare Foundation is a Non Govenmental Organisation (NGO) organisation working in the fields of education, health, vocational trainings, especially for the bonded laborers working in the hills and the plains of Darjeeling and the youth, women and children development programs.
Childcare Education Healthcare
Accommodation Meals

123 swachh politics

Interested in Indian politics? This organization is for you!

gurazala, India
Currently Not Seeking Volunteers
we are trying to make change in indian politics.we want clean politics to achieve clean society.we fight against dirty,dangerous and corrupted politics.we are conducting motivation programs to change the peoples mindset.

Kriti team

New Delhi, India
We are a development and social action support group working on gender, environment, social and sustainable development issues and human rights of marginalised and low-income communities across India.
Education Environment Human Rights


Volunteer in India with marginalized populations in Agriculture and Education!

Jhansi, India
Currently Not Seeking Volunteers
To promote participatory democracy, educate, organize and empower the poor who would in future act as catalyst in promoting gender equality, justice, socio-economic growth and self reliance. PRAGATI PATH works with people whose lives are dominated by extreme poverty.
Agriculture Environment Healthcare