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Volunteer in South East Asia in Microfinancing

67% response rate , 22 hour(s) response time.
Non-governmental and non-profit Organization, aiming to build a viable and sustained community where people embrace trust, solidarity, and respect.

We are a nonprofit organization with an ambitious vision to help end poverty.


Support Women Entrepreneurs in Myanmar!

67% response rate
We are working with agricultural ethnic women group to empower their economic activity through value chain

Poor Family Development (PFD)

Krong Sereisophorn, Cambodia, South East Asia.
Poor Family Development (PFD) is a local non-governmental organization with non-profit, neutrality, non-partisans, non-political, and not to serve in each political party.

A Cambodia free from poverty and environmental degradation

The Sowing Legacy Movement (SLM) is a volunteer-based network of committed individuals working together to bring positive change and transforming lives through concrete actions and love.

BBC is the best place of learning English and life skill for children.

We are the non-profit NGO assisting children in impoverished community to access quality educational opportunities and promoting volunteering in Cambodia to enable sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction in vulnerable and marginalised communities.

We are charity for young social entrepreneur in Thailand

We are for local disabled people`s non profit organizations