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Volunteer in Tanzania in Human Rights Work


Forward Step Organisation (FSO)

Empower women and girls in Tanzania through arts and education

Bagamoyo, Tanzania, Africa.
Non profit organinization empowering women and girls by using arts ad education

kahama Paralegal Aid Organization(KAPAO)

Kahama,Shinyanga Tanzania, Tanzania, Africa.

The KAPAO shall have the following objectives
1. To provide legal aid among the women, children, people living with HIV/AIDS, disabled
2. To discourage bad beliefs and practice that affect Women, Children, elderly, disabled and
Poor people in Tanzania pa

Empathy Development Vision

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
75% response rate , 47 hour(s) response time.
we are charity work on Improving the quality of life for those living in rural communities across Tanzania by provide good quality education to all, decrease child mortality in rural villages and improve rights for women.

Hakizetu Tanzania

Help prevent gender based violence against Women and Girls in a Tanzanian NGO

Mwanza, Tanzania, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
We are working on preventing gender based violence against women and girls

Art in Tanzania

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Africa.
Accommodation Meals
We are NGO performing variety of community services in Tanzania

We are NGO dealing with Gender issues and Development

We are charity working to improve education in Tanzania, environmental care ,entrepreneurship , healthy and and agriculture

We are Tanzania Sports Connection and Evolution (TSCE) with registration no 00NGO/008991 Registered by The united Republic of Tanzania under The Ministry of Community Development, Gender and Children as Non Profit Organization


Support out-of-school youth in Tanzania with life skills and entrepreneurship programs

Dar es salaam, Tanzania, Africa.
This is a network of out of school youth that its main work is to train youth in life skills and entrepreneurship