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Volunteer in Thailand doing Web Work

Thailand Teach

Bang Rachan, Thailand, South East Asia.
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Local volunteers working together with rural temple schools and our community in Thailand.

Yaowawit School

Accommodation Meals
Yaowawit School is providing home and quality education for children from underprivileged backgrounds

Development and Education Program for Daughters and Communities in the Greater Mekong Sub-region is a non-profit, community-based NGO. DEPDC/GMS works to prevent and protect vulnerable ethnic minority youth from human trafficking and labor exploitation, particularly the commercial sex industry.

Latest Reviews

Thailand Teach touches hearts in ways that go beyond words can explain reviewed by Farzaan Merchant
"Dear Sir / Madam,
I had volunteered with an organization called Thailand Teach in Chanasood, Singburi, Thailand. I truly believe it is an organization that needs to be known and appreciated for all the good work they are doing without much funding or support. I am going to give an account of my experience below. -

My Experience -

Volunteering with Thailand Teach is an experience of a lifetime especially since the two people that run it are such wonderful, loving, caring and compassionate human beings.

I had been interacting with Robert Newton Jr for a few months while looking up for a job in Thailand in 2014. Was keen on volunteering and helping society once I got there. Little did I know that the school that had hired me would suddenly dump me even though I had bought my tickets and got the visa etc to start working there. I informed Robert about my situation and he along with Chompoo tried to talk to that school on my behalf. Anyway may be it was destiny that the above happened. I landed in Thailand and went straight to Thailand Teach and volunteered with them while I kept looking for jobs. Both of them took me in like I was a family member and not a volunteer. The complete Thailand Teach household and all the people around are so welcoming and some have downright colourful personalities like Mr. Dang (a wonderful human being). Though it is not what they do or deal with Robert and Pi Chompoo helped me look out for jobs as well as drove me down to the immigration office in Bangkok (155kms one way) and back not once but twice. How many people would spare their time and effort for someone else?? They even helped me make a wing chun dummy from wood to train with as well as let me kick down a lot of their banana trees while training and I would still get a share of bananas when they were harvested. The list of things that they have done to make my stay there comfortable is actually very long and exhaustive
I came as a volunteer but soon I became like a member of their family. It was the way I was looked after and cared for that truly touched me and has had a deep impact on me as a person. I may have returned back but a part of me still resides in Chanasood with all the wonderful people, the lush green rice fields that I could see from my room,waking up to the beautiful chirping of the birds every morning, the love and friendships that had nurtured over time, the organic vegetables, the peace and quiet.

I can never ever thank Robert, Pi Chompoo, Mai, Ta, Toon, Nick, Egg, Sai, Fa, Dang, Jack, Nut, Noon and many other residents of Chanasood who have done much more for me than I did for them. All i can say is that -
Thailand Teach Keng mak lae khrab ( Thailand Teach is very good) ,
Khon sai Thailand Teach dee mak tee sud khrab ( the people at Thailand Teach are the best) ,
chok dee samer khrab (wishing them good luck always)

Farzaan Merchant

Welcome to the Jungle reviewed by Hutmacher Fritz
"Go there if....
... you are really interested in doing something good for children
... if you like the jungle

Don't go there if...
... you see volunteering as "party abroad"
... you are afraid of spiders and other insects

Last year, from February to September I spent 7 months at Yaowawit to do an internship and it was an amazing experience. What Yaowawit is providing for the children is fantastic! Most of the information about the kids and the work you do you will find on the website. So I put my focus on some inside-knowledge

Work: To work with children, to teach them and to support them on their path of life is very fullfilling. If you have special interests or special skills like photography you can do your own little projects to help Yaowawit moving forward. The work you are doing is very varied and includes leisure activities as well as teaching. You also have 1000 opportunities to do sports, music etc.

The Region: If you are able to ride a scooter, the world is yours. There is a lot of beautiful nature, waterfalls and hills to explore. Also the beach in Khao Lak is not too far away (45min). I often went there to spend a weekend in a hostel.
In Kapong, the village nearby you have possibilities to get in touch with the local people. For example at the market or in the sports hall where they often play badmington. Just be aware that it will be very hot during "summer" and on the other hand there is quite a long rainy season. The school is situated in the jungle, so you will may get in touch with some spiders, scorpions but also huge butterflies etc.

The Staff: The staff members at Yaowawit are very lovely and they try their best to provide a real home to the kids. Therefore they are working very hard. Even if there is a language barrier you will also have a good time with the local staff members. Especially the farmers and the kitchenladies (i love the kitchenladies!!) are very openhearted if you show some interest in what they are doing. In the volunteer village you will have a nice time as well, watching movies, talking and playing cards etc. Also Yan, your volunteer coordinato, is amazing and extremely passionated about her work.

Conclusion: I can really recommend to volunteer at Yaowawit!

Photo: The kids also have their privacy, so I don-t post any pictures of them without permission. So just visit the Yaowawit website where you find plenty of impressions.
On my picture you can see the Waterfall 15 min from school, which was one of my favorite places."
47 days ago