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Volunteer in The Caribbean with Animals

KIDO Foundation

Carriacou, Grenada, The Caribbean.
Our local not-for-profit organization established in 1995, monitors & protects critically endangered nesting sea turtles (Hawksbills & Leatherbacks) and their habitats, carries on youth environmental education and conservation practices and train turtle/nature local guides

100% response rate
Carolyne Coleby is the manager of Turtle Conservation Montserrat, working with John Jeffers MBE, to teach volunteers all about turtle conservation.

Latest Reviews

An experience that will change you forever reviewed by Piero Becker
"I have worked on numerous marine conservation/ rehabilitation positions and volunteering with this organization is one of the best decisions I have made. The directors are amazing people who really care about this cause. Conservation and awareness is the top priority here and by following suit there will never be a dull moment from when you set foot on the island of Carriacou.

A perfect opportunity for some passionate people looking to do something meaningful and important. The first time you see one of these amazing creatures come ashore is unlike any experience you will ever have. One you will truly cherish and never be able to stop talking about until you watch the hatchlings emerge from a nest you helped to save and swim out to sea.

For a real life experience and definitely not just another volunteer experience or a summer camp for people of all ages this project is a must!

Below is a sample video from my experience just to demonstrate the amazing work this organization and directors do year after year saving these amazing creatures.

Thank You KIDO Foundation!

on 04/08/2016