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Volunteer in The Caribbean in Teaching related activities

80% response rate
Carolyne Coleby is the manager of Turtle Conservation Montserrat, working with John Jeffers MBE, to teach volunteers all about turtle conservation.

Global Vision Over Haiti Today

Port Au Prince, Haiti, The Caribbean.
Accommodation Meals
100% response rate , 21 hour(s) response time.
Global is a nonprofit organization which providing medical ,education services , food and supplies to reduce starvation; creates shelters and support for the homeless. Global is needed of support to build medical center and allowing medical aids and supplies to be readily accessible to everyone

Good Neighbors works for the community, always prioritizing children.

Batey Rehab Project Inc

Accommodation Meals
69% response rate
Batey Rehab Project is a non-profit organization bringing modular housing solutions and fair trade opportunities to impoverished Batey communities within the Dominican Republic; creating a sustainable future for families living within poverty.