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Volunteer in Uganda in Agriculture Work


Summer 2018: Join a Group of Volunteers to help make a Ugandan Community Self-Sustainable

Masaksa, Uganda.
July 1 - July 15, 2018
RIDO (Rural Integrated Development Organization) is a Non-Profit Community-Based Organization located in the Masaka District of Uganda. Established in 2007 to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention to the grassroots communities, RIDO expanded its activities to tackling environmental issues working hand in hand with local communities of Masaka. In partnership with these communities, our current efforts are in addressing a variety of development issues they have identified. Their most pressing issues are poor health, environmental conservation, lack of skills for development and poverty. Together with the communities some of the projects we are working on are the construction of underground water tanks, energy saving stoves, vegetable gardens, tree planting and skills development. RIDO aims to improve the livelihood status of the rural-based people of Kyesiiga and other communities in Masaka while working with women and youth and giving support to the most vulnerable in the community.


Masaka, Uganda, Africa.
98% response rate
We are a charity working with communities for sustainable development

100% response rate , 16 hour(s) response time.
We are a community based organization who offers tourism services for a better and more sustainable living

100% response rate
We are a charity to benefit the social work of Uganda People

80% response rate
CIIRD is a community based organisation in Uganda improving lives of rural poor people in Uganda through innovative and sustainable solutions.

we are a non profit community based organisation very committed to helping our people in have life to all its fullest in Kyanamuka subcounty in Masaka District in Uganda.

We work with the rural communities to improve their standards and conditions of living through implementing sustainable community based program.

We are not for profit organization


Kampala, Uganda, Africa.
We focus on imparting technical skills to the youth, using non-formal vocational training programs

We are a charity that helps vulnerable children, youth and women to access basic needs like education, health, clean water and sanitation among others.

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