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Volunteer in Uganda with Animals


Summer 2018: Join a Group of Volunteers to help make a Ugandan Community Self-Sustainable

Masaksa, Uganda.
July 1 - July 15, 2018
RIDO (Rural Integrated Development Organization) is a Non-Profit Community-Based Organization located in the Masaka District of Uganda. Established in 2007 to spread awareness about HIV/AIDS prevention to the grassroots communities, RIDO expanded its activities to tackling environmental issues working hand in hand with local communities of Masaka. In partnership with these communities, our current efforts are in addressing a variety of development issues they have identified. Their most pressing issues are poor health, environmental conservation, lack of skills for development and poverty. Together with the communities some of the projects we are working on are the construction of underground water tanks, energy saving stoves, vegetable gardens, tree planting and skills development. RIDO aims to improve the livelihood status of the rural-based people of Kyesiiga and other communities in Masaka while working with women and youth and giving support to the most vulnerable in the community.

Conservation Through Public Health

Volunteer in Human and Wildlife Public Health!

Kampala, Uganda, Africa.
Conservation Through Public Health is a Non profit organisation that achieves biodiversity conservation by enabling people, wildlife and livestock to coexist through improving their quality of life in and around Africa's protected areas

Firefly Uganda

Banda Island, Uganda, Africa.
Firefly Uganda is an NGO, that believes that you must tackle all the issues that the world is facing with interconnected solutions.

African ark development foundation Uganda is community based organizational founded to help local communities in education for development to realize changes for growth and publicity to reduce poverty in the area.

Bududa Acting Club

Volunteer with young Actors who are performing plays for the local communities!

Kampala , Uganda, Africa.
We are an acting and volunteering youth project based in Africa/Uganda

Bam animal clinics

Do you love animals? Volunteer with us!

Iganga, Uganda, Africa.
An animal welfare/health charity organization based in Uganda.

The goal of MCDO is to promote sustainable development through poverty reduction, conservation of the beautiful environment, education, good health, income generation and sustainable agriculture.

We are an organization geared towards uplifting of vulnerable individuals cherishing development spiritually, economically and other human dignity

We are a community-based Foundation supporting Community-based Initiatives in Natural Resources Management, Livelihood Improvement and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation


Nebbi, Uganda, Africa.
AFCE is a s a youth led NGO formed in 2011 to address socio-economic problems facing youth in the West Nile region by empowering them to realize their full potential towards holistic development through provision of life skills training, development of market linkages.