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Volunteer in Uganda for the Environment

Amatsiko Organisation

Kampala, Uganda, Uganda, Africa.
68% response rate
We are a community based Organisation (CBO) that supports and empowers disadvantaged children and their families


Masaka, Uganda, Africa.
90% response rate
We are a charity working with communities for sustainable development

100% response rate , 14 hour(s) response time.
We are a community based organization who offers tourism services for a better and more sustainable living

90% response rate , 60 hour(s) response time.
We are a charity to benefit the social work of Uganda People

CIIRD is a community based organisation in Uganda improving lives of rural poor people in Uganda through innovative and sustainable solutions.

A group of motivated youth formed LUYODEFO out of a deep aspiration to respond to the plight of the Ugandan people.


Kampala, Uganda, Africa.
ENVenture empowers rural Community Based Organizations (CBOs) to learn business skills to launch sustainable clean energy enterprises.

we are a non profit community based organisation very committed to helping our people in have life to all its fullest in Kyanamuka subcounty in Masaka District in Uganda.

We work with the rural communities to improve their standards and conditions of living through implementing sustainable community based program.

Offering Production & intensive hands-on Workshops in Filmmaking-TV-Video-Photography and an insight into Theatre & Creative Arts

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