Volunteer in Uganda doing Web Work

Volunteer in Uganda doing Web Work

Gift Women Link Foundation (GWLF) is women based charitable, non-profit and non-political organization for under privileged, the poor, ultra-poor, vulnerable and marginalized people particularly the rural population who are deprived of today’s modern facilities such as health care, education etc
Education Women Development Development
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We are not for profit organization
Childcare Education Healthcare

Agapewo Ministry Uganda

Jinja, Uganda
1. Education and Training
2. Housing and Construction
3. Agriculture and Production
4. Health and Livelihoods
5. HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care
6. Legal Advocacy
Agriculture Childcare Education


JINJA, Uganda
WORI is a women's organization to holistically empower women and girls in Uganda.
Education Healthcare Human Rights
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Real Agency for Community Development(RACD)

Endiinzi Town Council, Ankole Region, Uganda
We aim to assist communities to improve their livelihood by putting up sustainable income generating activities like milk coolers, grinding machines, mobilising and sensitizing young people about sexual Reproductive health, rights and responsibilities and etc
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Kasese, Uganda
We are a charity organisation working in health and Youth Empowement
Agriculture Childcare Environment
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RWEYOWA is a certified grass-root NGO in Uganda working to curb the further spread of HIV and improve the livelihoods of those affected/infected with the virus in the community.
Childcare Education Healthcare
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We work to empower rural poor communities in Uganda through basic primary education, health, skills training and environmental conservation.
Childcare Education Healthcare
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Change African Child International is a non governmental, non profit organization with its goal to support both the infected and affected people with HIV/AIDS and other related diseases.
Childcare Education Healthcare
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AICOD is a disability focused organisation but also supports orphans and other vulnerable children.
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