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Volunteer Opportunities in Argentina

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Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Educar y Crecer

Educar y Crecer (EyC) designs, implements and evaluates high quality educational programs for children living in vulnerable contexts, to enhance performance in math and reading.

Club Union de los Pibes

Club Union de los Pibes is a community driven social club for kids. Our volunteers act as big brothers/big sisters to our kids, helping to teach them the importance of community and tolerance while enjoying activities ranging from the music and the arts to sports and English classes

Volunteer in Childcare

Mensajeros de la Paz

Mensajeros de la Paz is an NGO working for the social inclusion of children and elderly vulnerable.

Banco de Alimentos de Buenos Aires (Food Bank of Buenos Aires)

The Banco de Alimentos is a non profit organization that help people suffering from hunger. We act by requesting donations of food, out of the commercial market but fit for consumption, companies, farmers and supermarkets, in order to store, sort and distribute it to 704 community organizations.