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Volunteer Opportunities in Cameroon

Volunteer Opportunities in Cameroon

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Jolly Dynamics Association

We are a charity organisation that sets out to inspire and empower people through vocational training leading to their creativity, productivity and self employment.

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Rural Development Centre (RUDEC Cameroon)

RUDEC is a business enterprise that focuses on children, women and the environmental protection with focuses on tourism development as a project.

Please note that we do not run an orphanage. The children that we support live with their extended families in Belo and outlying villages. We think that it is extremely important for children to grow up surrounded by their families in a traditional way if possible.

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Volunteer in Childcare

Health Development and Consultancy Services (HEDECS)

We are a non profit committed to improving health and empowering communities in a sustainable way.

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Organisation for Environment Protection and Rural Infrastructure Development

We are a community-based organisation helping the under-served and underprivileged in rural communities in Cameroon-Kumba.

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Volunteer in Animal Care

Crusaders For Environmental Protection and Ozone Watch

We a community based organisation aimed at ensuring a healthier planet.

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United voices to Serve Forest and Environment

We are non profit organization working in the forestry and environment domain:As a group of young multidisciplinary experts who federate their know-how to help manage natural resources sustainably, United voices to Serve Forest and Environment (USFE) seeks to put to task children and make them respo

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Volunteer in Conservation Work

Bridgers Association Cameroon

Accredited to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) Bridgers flexibly works with new and innovative individuals and partners who are passionate about providing solutions to the challenges vulnerable people and communities face.

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Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV)

Sustainable Run for Development (SURUDEV) is a nonprofit, non-denominational, apolitical organization formed in 2007 and legally registered in 2010 with registration number 154/E.277/750/BAPP . SURUDEV is in Speciesl Consultative status with the Economic and social council (ECOSOC) of the United nations (UN) since 2019

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