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Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Rural Development Centre (RUDEC Cameroon)

RUDEC-Rural Development Centre is a business enterprise that focuses on children, women and the environmental protection with focuses on tourism development as a project

Hope for Vulnerable Children Association

We are a charity working to help vulnerable children who live with foster families and on the street to gain access to education, health and economic facilities in Cameroon

Volunteer in Childcare

organization for environment protection and rural infrastruction development

We are a community base organization helping the undeserved and unprivilegde in communities

Together for Women and Children

TOWOC is an NGO whose main is for a better society by supporting the woman and children hence supporting the society.

Volunteer in Animal Care

International Organization For Animal Protection (OIPA) CAMEROON

We are an authorized International Animal and environemntal protection organisation in Cameroon

United voices to Serve Forest and Environment

We are non profit organization working in the forestry and environment domain:As a group of young multidisciplinary experts who federate their know-how to help manage natural resources sustainably, United voices to Serve Forest and Environment (USFE) seeks to put to task children and make them respo

Volunteer in Conservation Work

Centre for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development (CENCOSDEV)

We are a Non Governmental Organization working to overcome environmental and developmental challenges facing our community.

National Youth Development Organization

We are a Community Based Organization aim at Bridging Developmental Desparities Among young people