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Volunteer Opportunities in Central America

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La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm

Background of the Organization:

Finca La Gran Vista was established on January 16, 2001, as a non-profit project with the aim of spreading awareness of environmentally sustainable agricultural methods to other farmers in the region. It is intended to provide an example for other farms .

Honduras Child Alliance

The Honduras Child Alliance is a diverse and collaborative, volunteer-based group, collectively working to make life better for impoverished children in El Porvenir, Honduras.

Volunteer in Childcare

Caras Alegres

Caras Alegres is comprised of a team of local knowledge and expertise as well as foreign experts and volunteers. On our staff we have our Guatemalan director, an assistant director/volunteer coordinator, two teachers, two day care staff, an assistant teacher, a security guard, a cook, and a cleaner

El Proyecto 123

We work with children ages 6 to 12 years offering basic English classes and environmental education.

Volunteer in Animal Care

The Monkey Farm

We are creating the world

Volunteer in Conservation Work

Latin American Sea Turtles

LAST has close to thirty years' experience working with Costa Rican sea turtles, and staff are experts when it comes to sea turtle population management, community based conservation, coastal management and volunteer assisted research.

Azuero Earth Project/Proyecto Ecológico Azuero

The Azuero Earth Project is dedicated to reforestation, habitat restoration, sustainable land management and environmental education on the Azuero peninsula of Panama.