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Volunteer Opportunities in Colombia

Volunteer Opportunities in Colombia

Volunteering in Colombia delivers a memorable and meaningful travel experience. Colombia offers everything people expect from an exotic South American nation (in addition to its rich cultural heritage and colonial architecture!). Its landscape offers the alluring trifecta of Caribbean beaches, Andean mountains, and the Amazonian rainforest. The nation is still trying to recover from its turbulent past and needs the help of volunteers to provide education to some of the most vulnerable communities. Travellers willing to join volunteer projects abroad in Colombia can also work in animal rescue centres and programs that focus on environmental issues.

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Animal Care

Fundación Vivatma

We are a shelter for rescued stray dogs.


We do love bikes, animals and languages. We support multilingualism.

Volunteer in Childcare


Discovery global, impact local

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Minga House

Minga House Foundation is a non-profit Colombian foundation dedicated to the service learning engagement between foreign volunteers and our local communities by collectively meeting real-life service needs.

Volunteer in Conservation Work

Varsana Eco Village

Engage in sustainable activities such as organic farming, eco building, sustainable tourism, yoga retreats, oriental art, etc.

Our eco yoga farm is a place to disconnect from your daily routine and join ours. It is set amid beautiful mountains, rivers, waterfalls, and mist less than one hour away from Bogota. The farm has been here for 30 years so we are well-established and have everything here to make your volunteer time comfortable and relaxed. You'll work, but we hope you have a good time as well!

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Centro Mundial de la Felicidad

We are a foundation that seeks to preserve ancestral cultures through educational projects

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Tinguacó Foundation

We are a young non-profit organization that was founded in Bogotá, Colombia with the purpose of bringing friends together from different backgrounds and providing them with a platform to share their knowledge and talents with different vulnerable communities by organizing/supporting workshops and developing projects that are sustainable and have a social or cultural cause.

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Marina Orth Foundation

The Marina Orth Foundation is dedicated to providing an excellent, modern education so that students, no matter their race, economic status, or gender, will be able to compete globally.

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How to Volunteer in Colombia

How to find volunteer opportunities in Colombia

Thousands of tourists travel to Colombia every month and leave with happy holiday memories. Volunteer work in Colombia usually brings people close to the ethnic communities and remote rural villages. The journey to these remote locations take travellers through the scenic countryside. By participating in volunteer programs and activities, visitors also get to interact with the local people and savour rare dishes such as Bandeja Paisa. Among the many volunteer jobs and opportunities available in Colombia, empowering vulnerable communities and teaching underprivileged children are the most common.

Best time to volunteer in Colombia

Being close to the equatorial line, Colombia does not experience harsh temperature changes. The country does, however, have two dry seasons and two rainy seasons. The two dry seasons are December to March and July to August. December to February is considered to be peak tourist season. This is when the accommodation prices are high and the tourist spots are generally crowded. Places near the Amazon experience sporadic rain all year round. However, rainfalls are usually too short to prevent travelling.

Essential information about Colombia

In order to volunteer for nonprofit organizations in Colombia, travellers need to apply for a Special Temporary Visa. This visa requires a valid passport, two recent passport-type photographs, letter from the nonprofit detailing the volunteering activity as well as its registration documents. Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Colombia. This is why some volunteers take a beginner’s Spanish-speaking course before entering the country. English is also generally spoken and understood in tourist centres. Colombia is a pretty affordable destination. One meal at an average-sized restaurant in the city costs about $4.78.