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Volunteer Opportunities in Costa Rica

Volunteer Opportunities in Costa Rica

The rich coast of Costa Rica, is a haven for anyone looking to volunteer in Central America. Standing apart from its neighbours, Costa Rica allows you to explore the rich culture and wildlife within the rainforest tours or high trails. The benefits of volunteering in Costa Rica are endless, with opportunities to witness the wonder of its terrain unlike many other places in the world. Where else allows you to take a glimpse at a simmering volcano or explore such rich wildlife than Costa Rica, one of the most biodiverse and spectacularly colourful and rich countries on the planet.

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm

July: Volunteer at a sustainable Eco-farm in Costa Rica with a group from all over the world!

Repunta Daniel Flores, Costa Rica.
July 23 - July 30, 2018
Finca La Gran Vista was established on January 16, 2001 as a non-profit project. It has the aim of spreading awareness of environmentally sustainable agricultural methods to other farmers in the region. The farm is run by a family of five: Xinia, Donald, Max, Larry, and Terry. Finca La Gran Vista sits on twelve acres, and accommodates horses, chickens, ducks, medicinal plants, fruit trees, grass for forage, several crop species, spring-water wells, an area of rainforest, red worm composting for soil regeneration, and a pond.

Volunteer in Agriculture Work

Vista Hermosa Farm Project

An educational, hands-on, working model for bio-intensive organic permaculture farming.

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La Gran Vista Agroecological Farm

Finca La Gran Vista was established as a non-profit project on January 16, 2001 with the aim of spreading awareness of environmentally sustainable agricultural methods to other farmers in the region. It is intended to provide an example for other farms.

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Volunteer in Animal Care

Latin American Sea Turtles

LAST (Latin American Sea Turtles) is a Costa Rican group with eleven members and a directive board of five, working together to make a change in sea turtle conservation.

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Tortugas de Pacuare

Wildlife around Turtles and the authentic Caribbean

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Volunteer in Conservation Work

Voluntarios y Proyectos para el apoyo a las áreas de conservación

We promote the participation of both national and foreign people in specific volunteer projects and activities, in which they can not only collaborate but also acquire knowledge of the country.


We are a non-profit organization working to save animals and to benefit environmental education in Cabuya, Costa Rica.

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

English Volunteers for Change

We teach English to Costa Ricans in order to give them tools for employment.

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COTERC - Caño Palma Biological Station

We are a registered Canadian charitable organization, not-for-profit, who own and operate Cano Palma Biological Station in Costa Rica (www.coterc.org).

How to Volunteer in Costa Rica

How to find volunteer opportunities in Costa Rica

The volunteering opportunities in Costa Rica are as rich and unique as the country itself. From working with children and young people, to teaching English and turtle conservation, Costa Rica has an array of ways in which you can get involved in ethical volunteering abroad. Many voluntary activities take place within San Jose, with other projects available in the central highlands such as eco-agricultural conservation, one of the most popular opportunities for volunteering in Costa Rica. As a volunteer you would be involved in reforestation, agriculture and coffee production, whilst providing much needed support to families and young people in local farms.

Best time to volunteer in Costa Rica

As a tropical country, Costa Rica lies very close to the equator with average temperatures between 21 and 27 degrees Celsius. Many of the volunteering opportunities in Costa Rica are available throughout the year, although temperatures are somewhat cooler at higher altitudes in the mountains. This is worth considering depending on your chosen volunteer program. Costa Rica is generally warmer throughout April and May, with November beginning to cool significantly. Activities involving working with children and teaching English can usually be undertaken at any time, as you can embrace the outdoors during the hotter months as well as shelter inside.

Essential information about Costa Rica

While organising your trip abroad, it is important to consider responsible volunteering; get to know the local customs and cultural values, as well as the language basics, etc. Costa Rica generally speaks Spanish, with the local currency being the Costa Rican Colón (CRC) which is approximately 564 CRC to 1 USD. The cost of living is relatively high compared with other countries within Central America, with a loaf of bread costing approximately 1000 CRC (about $2). As for the entry formalities, citizens of most countries can stay in Costa Rica for up to 90 days without a visa. It is recommended to check the latest updates about the visa requirements at http://www.costarica-embassy.org/. Overall volunteering in Costa Rica is a worthwhile, enriching experience whilst supporting a plethora of fabulous projects and members of the community.