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Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

Volunteer Opportunities Abroad

If you're looking to find your next opportunity to volunteer abroad, GivingWay is the right place! The non-profits on our site offer volunteering opportunities around the world, and include activities such as working with animals, eco and conservation work, teaching, disaster relief and more. You can help rehabilitate monkeys in Ecuador, save the sea turtles in Costa Rica, teach English in Nepal, and more. You can even join a group of GivingWay volunteers on your next volunteering adventure.

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Featured Volunteering Opportunities

Child Survival Aid Ghana

Child Survival Aid Ghana is committed in serving children and schools in underserved communities to help them get proper education.

Simabo Onlus

SIMABO protects, rescues, assists, and spays/neuters dogs and cats in Sao Vicente, Cape Verde.

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Recently Reviewed Non-Profits

Kgauhelo Drop in centre

We are devoted to making a difference and change in our community, we are in the process of eradication of poverty in our communities.

1 Review

Sidai community development

We are charity to help kids in our community around

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