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Volunteer Opportunities in Ecuador

Volunteer Opportunities in Ecuador

Ecuador is a small country that has a lot to offer from the depths of the Amazonian rainforests to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes. Travellers who enter the country for volunteer work get the opportunity to explore beautiful villages and towns embellished with rustic cobblestone lanes and Spanish colonial architecture. They also get to sip on freshly-harvested Arabica coffee at local restaurants and cafes. Nonprofits in Ecuador are primarily focused on supporting environmental and educational causes. Local organizations are in constant search of enthusiastic individuals who want to make a difference and leave with memories of a meaningful travel experience.

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Animal Care

Paseo De Los Monos

Paseo de los monos is a sanctuary for rescued wild animals in the middle of the Amazonia jungle.

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Rescue Center for Wild Animals Valle Alto

The center receives wild animals caught by the police and the environment ministry as pets. We work on their rehabilitation to bring them back to the wild.

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Volunteer in Childcare

CEEAS - (Programa Ceibo Young Leadership)

Ceibo is a young leadership program. We are the most recognized leadership program for children and teenagers in Ecuador and one of the most important in Latin America. We have been working for more than 10 years with almost 10.000 children from several countries around the world in outdoor environments across our venues around Ecuador. Our goal is to inspire and empower the new generations so they can turn this world into a better place to live. We can proudly say that we have the best work team. All members are meticulously selected and continuously trained. Our coordinators have international certifications and a paramedic always accompanies us.

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Fundación Adrián Andrade Castro - ACPES

En Fundación Adrián Andrade Castro – ACPES estamos convencidos que a través de los 5 ejes principales para el desarrollo socio económico de los sectores vulnerables, Arte, Cultura, Proyectos, Emprendimiento y Salud (ACPES), promovemos el desarrollo y cuidado durante el ciclo de vida de las personas para así poder fortalecer a la economía popular y solidaria y a los emprendimientos individuales, familiares de los grupos de atención prioritaria (NIÑAS, NIÑOS, ADOLESCENTES, JÓVENES, ADULTOS, ADULTOS MAYORES, PERSONAS CON DISCAPACIDAD) y la población que se encuentra en situación de pobreza extrema pobreza y vulnerabilidad

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Volunteer in Conservation Work

Ecuador Tierra Viva ETV

The Ecuador Tierra Viva Foundation is a nonprofit charity organization based in Ecuador. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of the Ecuador’s neediest communities through the providing or improving water, health, and education services.

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Fundación Oscar Efrén Reyes

We area a small grassroots organization that promote environmental, educational, and cultural projects in Baños Tungurahua. Oscar Efren Reyes was a teacher, writer and historian who contributed greatly to Ecuador´s education. His family has founded FOER, to honor his memory through educational work.

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Paragon Galapagos

Paragon Galápagos is a non-profit foundation dedicated to providing high-quality experiential educational and cross-cultural opportunities to our local Galapagueño community.

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FCC Ingles

FCC Ingles and Asutur helps to teach Ecuadorians English as well as move to provide sewing machines for single mothers to work to support their families.

How to Volunteer in Ecuador

How to find volunteer opportunities in Ecuador

Volunteer programs in Ecuador often take travellers to distant towns and villages. Volunteers get to witness the magnificent Amazon rainforest and spot beautiful animals and birds that call it home. Visitors can also walk away from the forests to witness the serene beauty of the Ecuadorian highlands. For those who are seeking exciting volunteer projects abroad, the city of Porto Viejo offers several wildlife conservation programs that involve taking care of rescued wild animals. Volunteers can also visit the highland town of Quito located at the base of the Andes to join several environmental and educational projects.

Best time to volunteer in Ecuador

Ecuador is one of those rare countries that can be visited all year round. Different regions of the country have different climatic patterns but nothing too drastic that would warrant rescheduling a travel date. From January to May, the country experiences sporadic afternoon showers as the temperature remains cool. The period between June and September is a great time for hiking and bird watching as the Ecuadorian sky remains bright blue and the weather stays dry and warm. The high season starts from October and ends in December. The weather remains pleasant at this time but tourist spots can be a tad crowded.

Essential information about Ecuador

Foreign citizens who want to work abroad in Ecuador need to apply for a temporary resident volunteer visa. To apply, volunteers need to submit a visa application form, a copy of their valid passport, a criminal record check from their country of origin as well as the nonprofit's registration documents. Ecuadorian people predominantly speak Spanish. However, people in hospitability and tourism sectors can usually communicate in English. Ecuador is generally considered a cheap destination with a lunch meal costing around $3.86 in the city.