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Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana

Volunteer Opportunities in Ghana

Ghana is a West African country of savannahs, rainforests, golden beaches, and amazing wildlife sanctuaries. Ghana’s stable and safe political climate is one of the many benefits of volunteering here. Despite this stability, much of the local population still struggles daily with basic human needs, such as access to clean drinking water and nutritious food. Opportunities for volunteering in Ghana include healthcare, teaching, administration, sports coaching, construction, and more.

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Animal Care

West Africa Centre for the Protection of Animal Welfare

West Africa Centre for the Protection of Animal Welfare (WACPAW) is an animal welfare organization focused on the welfare of animals regarding the processes of treatment during transportation, slaughtering and healthcare Quality

Learn for Life-Ghana

We are charity working in education and enterprenurship skills development in rural parts of Ghana

Volunteer in Childcare

Okwawu City Soccer Academy

Our charity is a football academy leveraging on sports to create social impact

7 Reviews

Rural Urban Partnership for Africa (RUPFA)

We are Sustainable Development NGO working to empower the disadvantage

1 Review

Volunteer in Healthcare

Brigham Healthcare Services

We are healthcare charity organization.

3 Reviews


TANF supports the neediest people within Ghana by providing them with an education and access to health care. We believe this is an investment in a brighter future for our country.

17 Reviews

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

The Kyereh Foundation

The Kyereh Foundation is working towards eradicating period poverty in rural communities in Ghana, through grass root educational reforms open to tackling the use of new menstrual products such as the Eco-friendly menstrual cup.

8 Reviews

Mattlawie Ecological Regenerative Center

We are an Ecological Regenerative Organization

3 Reviews

Volunteer in Women Empowerment

Dels foundation

We mentor women and girls, do advocacy on reproductive health and rights and also we support the aged and needy children in slum and deprived communities.

2 Reviews

Future For Africa

Creating A Better Tomorrow,Today!

8 Reviews

How to Volunteer in Ghana

How to find volunteer opportunities in Ghana

Volunteering in Ghana is ideal for anyone seeking a meaningful travel experience. Volunteers are rewarded with endless views of unspoilt natural landscapes, since volunteering often takes them to remote villages and tribal areas.

Most of the volunteering opportunities in Ghana focus on reinforcing the healthcare and childcare foundations of the country. The country’s crumbling educational infrastructure also needs a helping aid. Innovative programs such as street library and youth-led classes have been successful in driving up the literacy rate.

Community outreach programs to spread awareness about HIV and malaria in small Eastern Ghanaian towns such as Agormanya, Kumasi, and Koforidua offer volunteer opportunities that are commonly available.

Best time to volunteer in Ghana

Part of being involved in responsible, sustainable volunteering abroad is to be

aware of the local weather. When visiting Northern Ghana, it’s recommended to

visit during the slightly cooler rainy season between April and October. The

months of July and August, in particular, experience less rain while remaining

relatively cool. Being closer to the coastline, Southern Ghana remains

relatively cooler and witnesses two rainy seasons. March is usually the hottest month in Ghana, with temperatures soaring above 35 degrees Celsius.

Essential information about Ghana

Being part of ethical volunteering abroad involves possessing the right paperwork. People interested in volunteering in

Ghana requires supporting letters from the local NGOs that volunteers plan to be associated with. These letters act as supporting documents when applying for a volunteering visa. Volunteering visas remain valid for 60 days, but they can easily be

extended by visiting an immigration office.

To stay clear of ethical issues in volunteering when traveling to Ghana, it’s best not to apply for a regular tourist visa. Thanks to Ghana’s British colonial past, English is a widely spoken language.

Being a nation that’s struggling with extreme poverty, living and traveling in Ghana remains relatively cheap. The daily food expense for one person for one day is usually between $3 and $6. Estimated daily cost, including everything from transport to accommodation, is usually between $10 and $15.