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Volunteer Opportunities in Mexico

Volunteer Opportunities in Mexico

Mexico shares a huge border with its more developed neighbor the United States and is a popular destination for many travellers seeking volunteer opportunities abroad. This country offers the winning blend of great cuisine and amazing climate. From the urban metropolis of Mexico City to ancient Mayan ruins, Mexico has enough diversity to satiate even the most frequent travellers. Being a developing country, Mexican people continue to battle with a diverse range of environmental and human development issues. Local nonprofit organizations in Mexico are happy to welcome volunteers interested in promoting meaningful causes such as animal care, education, women empowerment, and more

Volunteer Abroad with Local Non-Profits

Volunteer in Animal Care

Rancho Agrosol

Youth Education

1 Review

Heal a Horse Cozumel Sanctuary

Horse and animal sanctuary

Volunteer in Childcare

Intercultural center noam chomsky

We are supporting children, youth, to be trained and coached to develop different skills, such as English speaking language, an After School Program, and we help them to find a job for those who are ready to start working.

Familias Felices Del Mundo AC

Helping poor communities

Volunteer in Conservation Work

El Canto de la Tierra A.C.

E.C.T We are working and helping in the education and conservation of nature, integral health, good habits and traditions, in Baja California Mexico

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Acciones por la Conservación A. C.

somos una organización que trabaja para proteger y conservar los ecosistemas naturales, además de beneficiar a las comunidades y grupos más vulnerables del país.

Volunteer in Teaching related activities

Huellas que Trascienden AC

Huellas que Trascienden combats poverty by turning the talents of the indigenous women of Chiapas into income for their households in an innovative and integral way.

7 Reviews

Fundación En Vía

Our mission is to promote the empowerment of women, the wellbeing of their families, and the strengthening of communities by providing participatory programs that encourage the growth of income-generating businesses and personal development.

3 Reviews

How to Volunteer in Mexico

How to find volunteer opportunities in Mexico

Volunteering projects in Mexico usually take travellers to remote rural destinations. Volunteers can witness the stunning landscape which ranges from coral reefs and volcanos to stunning golden beaches and ancient archaeological sites. There is a diverse range of volunteer opportunities available in the country. From working in a horse sanctuary to empowering indigenous women, Mexico is a great place for visitors who want to do their bit to protect the environment and support local communities. People with educational backgrounds can also teach in a community centre for children and adults.

Best time to volunteer in Mexico

Mexico is a big country, which explains why its different regions experience different weather patterns. The Baja Peninsula has a pleasant Mediterranean climate. Northern Mexico is lush and mountainous and experiences a cool climate all year round. The weather in Mexico City is warm and temperate, with an average temperature of 15.9 degrees Celsius. December to February are the coolest and the driest months in Mexico, making it an ideal time to visit the country. Visitors interested in meaningful travels can also visit in the months of March and April when the temperature remains relatively cool.

Essential information about Mexico

Travellers looking to volunteer abroad in Mexico need to ensure that they have the right paperwork. Once in the country, visitors need to fill out the FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple) application form. The FMM permit allows a stay of 180 days, which is usually sufficient for most volunteers. Spanish is the official language of Mexican people, who also study English as a second language. Compared to the United States, the cost of living in Mexico is relatively cheaper. A meal in an inexpensive restaurant costs around $4.80.